A Very Pedestrian Look at Victoria

Sidewalking Victoria

Each person gets to know their city in their own way. The experience of living there and what that city really is at its core, will unfold to people in different ways. The Victoria I know, is rich, diverse and often exactly the opposite of what the popular thoughts are on the city. I think that much of my perception and ideas of this place relate to how I most interact with it, on foot, up close and in its face. 

This will be a place that looks at Victoria through my eyes and hopefully gives you a fresh perspective on the city. Over the next few weeks, I will have posts on everything from the changing downtown core to the best swing sets in the city. Keep an eye on here and hopefully you will see a place you know; a place you have never been; and a place that could not possibly be Victoria (but is!). 

Who am I?

I have been living in Victoria for 20 years and loving every day of it. I moved here to go to UVic and found a city far more complex and engaging than the tourist image I grew up with in Vancouver. I am currently staked out on the border region of Oaklands, within jumping distance of Quadra-Hillside and Fernwood. I have been covertly writing for years and want to use that hobby to frame my view on this amazing city.