Sidewalking Ensenada Mexico!

Pedestrian Crossing into Tijuana, Mexico 
I have been on vacation for the last little while, but I am back and to start off I have a little piece of Mexico to show you.

Ensenada, Mexico is about an hour and a half south of Tijuana on the ocean. It is a beautiful little port city and like any city, it has plenty of sidewalks. This is a collection of some of the good and bad sidewalks I saw. Some of them certainly make you appreciate the sidewalks here in Victoria. Enjoy!

Avenida Lopez Mateos
Also known as Avenida Primera is the main tourist strip and similar in many ways with Government Street in Victoria. The paved sidewalks are wide and many of the stores along here sell t-shirts too.

Sidewalk traps!

Once you get out of the main tourist part of the city things change and you need to be a little more careful where you walk. 

Yes, that is astro turf on the stairs.

Still all round it was a beautiful city and avoiding some of the sidewalk pitfalls was just some of the charm.