UPDATE Selkirk Waterfront - The Failure of the Perfect Development

If you read my original post on the Selkirk Waterfront, you would remember that I talk about how it is not a cohesive part of the surrounding area. The City of Victoria and the Burnside Gorge Community Association seem to agree, they are in the final stages of completing a new local area plan. A recent Victoria News article had this to say:
"As for establishing the heart of the neighbourhood, Cittone said staff heard the existing Selkirk Village wasn’t serving that purpose in its current form since it’s largely closed outside of normal working hours and is a bit difficult to access. The Cecelia-Jutland area has the most support to become the heart of the neighbourhood, although there was also support for expanding Selkirk Village and creating a Selkirk and Cecelia Village, along with a smaller urban village on Gorge Road."
Not really a surprise but unfortunate as the opportunity for this to be the centre of the neighbourhood was here. If you want to see more about what is going on with this local area plan, read the whole article here.  

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