What Happened to Christmas in Victoria?!

I am not being a scrooge here, in fact quite the opposite. I want to see more Christmas!

It seems to me that in years past that store owners in downtown Victoria would put a lot of effort into decorating their store window. I am not saying that we had windows on par with the famous ones of Manhattan, but still there was effort and originality. Over the last couple of weeks, as I have walked around downtown enjoying all the shoppers and also doing a little shopping, I have been trying to find the perfectly decorated window. I have seen a couple of decent ones but nothing has stood out as amazing and for the most part they have been anything but.

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Christmas storefronts are one of the great ways that a store can leap to the front of peoples' minds and also to entice them to come in and shop around. So what happened? Is it a reflection of the fact that people are doing more and more of their shopping online or is it a complacency that people will come out to shop at Christmas and changing up the store front is of little use?

Here are a few of the ones that I have noticed as at least decorated, if you know a better one please let me know. Even better send me a photo on twitter or facebook!

1. Russell Books

2. Murchies

3. Violette

3. Kaboodles Toys

4. Tilley Hats

5. Vintage Funk Emporium


  1. I thought we had to be politically correct nowadays. Putting up Christmas displays might offend someone that doesn't celebrate it. I remember, and miss, the displays at Eatons and The Bay.

  2. Christmas is being slowly phased out and the focus is now being placed on Halloween instead. Very sad indeed.

    1. and Halloween is a ridiculous holiday in my opinion.

  3. Christianity is an obselete culture, time for something new


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