UPDATE: Mid-Block Walkway Madness!

Back in 2015, I put up my first mid-block walkway post. With the completion of the Hudson Walk carriage-way you can now start this walk a whole block and a half sooner. 

Splash Poolside Bar and Grill
The original start to the walk I did was off of Blanshard Street and is still open and usable, however, you can now start this walk part way down Douglas Street near the Splash Poolside Bar and Grill. Just past the Capital City Center [sic] Hotel is the parking lot entrance to White Spot. These rather ungracious surroundings now can be the start of the longest mid-block walkway in the city. 

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Cut through the White Spot parking lot diagonally until you
The old Sopranos sign is still there.
get to the old parking lot for Soprano's Karaoke Club. At the entrance to this parking lot you are looking across the street at the impressive Hudson Walk project. The western most tower finished last year and the eastern one should finish this year. Between them, I am sure they are the largest influx of rental stock in the city in many years. Hudson Walk Two will have downtown Victoria's only downtown playground on its lot as well as a large brewpub. 

The new carriage-way
Get across the street safely and you will be at the entrance to the carriageway for the Hudson project which carries through for two blocks to Fisgard Street. The new part of the carriageway makes a little zig-zag as it moves around the Jack Davis building. Apart from the nice finishing on the Hudson Walk One building it is still rather sterile, but with the playground and some of the commercial spaces filling up, I am sure it will be as animated as the rest of the project. Once you get across Herald Street you can continue on with the original post I did on Victoria's Mid-block walkways. 
Across to the original Hudson

Theoretically, next year when the Jawl project finishes on Pandora there should be a few new options to cut through on that block as well.