UPDATE: Mid-Block Walkway Madness - 750 Pandora

Just a short update today. As you may have been watching, downtown Victoria has a couple of brand new office buildings that are getting close to being done. 750 Pandora, which is the taller of the two is basically getting its final touch ups finished and then it will be welcoming the new corporate headquarters for the BC Investment Management Corporation. 


It doesn't seem that long ago that this was one of the many surface parking lots that seemed to be everywhere in Victoria, here we are three years later and you are hard pressed to find a surface parking lot near here at all. It was also one of the ugliest parts of Victoria's longest mid-block walkway, which stretches from the White Spot restaurant all the way the corner across from the courthouse.

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The newest piece of the walkway has been done quite well, with very modern industrial planters, bollards at traffic cross-throughs and stairs down into the empty plaza behind Rotherham Place. At the south end of the walkway is the start of a new cantina that features the first bike-thru window I have ever heard of. 

I had hoped that there would be commercial along the entire length of the walkway to create more opportunities for activity in the plaza just to the east, but the majority of the space is taken up with a very nice bike storage room. 

If you haven't read the original post HERE or the previous update HERE, please do and then go and walk the whole thing! 

The still very empty Rotherham Plaza.

The still very empty Rotherham Plaza.