The Greater Victoria Placemaking Network

Sidewalking Victoria is going to be doing something a little different, partnering with The Greater Victoria Placemaking Network (GVPN). This means from time to time I will link their posts here and you may see me and Sidewalking Victoria's work there. I think there are a lot of similarities in our approach to Victoria, but read on below to see for yourself. 

A little about the GVPN from their website:


We are a group of Greater Victoria residents dedicated to improving our region’s shared places.

Our Mission: to inspire people, neighbourhoods and communities to create vibrant public places that promote health, happiness and well-being.

Here is their latest post:

What’s happening at Turkey Head?

January 17, 2018 By Lorne Daniel

What exactly is Turkey Head, and what plans are emerging there?

Turkey Head, adjacent to Oak Bay Marina.

Turkey Head, adjacent to Oak Bay Marina.

The setting and the opportunity

Turkey Head is a distinctive public space in Oak Bay, situated adjacent to the Oak Bay Marina and popular destination for residents and visitors alike. Currently devoted primarily to parking and significantly underutilized, this area was ripe for a discussion with the community about different and more engaging use of the space.

The objective and the approach

The Community Association of Oak Bay (CAOB) and Greater Victoria Placemaking Network (GVPN) share a passion for vibrant public spaces. Members of the two organizations met in spring 2017 to explore ideas for public input and to raise the profile of the site as a public facility. We approached the site with a “blank slate” free of preconceived concepts, as we were interested to see what ideas would develop without any limitations...

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