Sidewalking Victoria is Three!

Well, okay, the birthday was a couple of days ago, but I still wanted to recognise it. Three years ago I wasn't really sure what Sidewalking Victoria would fully be, but I started out anyways, in some ways it i am still figuring it out. 

For this short post I thought I would highlight where this all started and one of my favourite posts from each year since then. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you and all of the other readers of Sidewalking Victoria. I am still so surprised how many people pop in and read every month. I sincerely hope that you keep coming back over the next three years.

The First Post

This post was the quiet start to my blog. Looking back now, what I said there still holds for what I try and write about. I still try to tell you about places that you may not know about and if you do, then something about them that may not obvious.

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My Favourite Post from the First Year

Looking back at the first twelve months, I think that my favourite post was The Birth of the Notch. Perhaps because that post talks about the potential of an area that I still hold out a lot of hope for. Also, because I do truly love the name "The Notch", which was originally coined by a friend of mine on Vibrant Victoria.

Year Two

I was able to double my writing in the second year, completing 26 posts, which makes it that much harder to choose one, but if I have to I would choose Rockland Avenue or Fight! This post focused on Victoria's bizarre neighbourhood boundaries. It is a topic I have come back to quite a few times as I think that something like this, that seems innocuous, actually has a significant negative impact on the city. 

Year Three

Somehow in the last year I have put up almost 40 posts. Also in that time I was able to open the Sidewalk Store, where you can get some Sidewalking merch (I am sure there will be more to come here). Of all of the posts that I finished in the last year, perhaps my favourite was about my thoughts on What Makes a Great Urban Village. This little post speaks to a lot of what is important in the little places all over our city and what makes them work.

Do you have a favourite Sidewalking post? Let me know! And once again thank you for reading!