Top Ten Most Popular Sidewalking Victoria Posts

As I have saying all week, I have somehow crested the 100 post mark. I truly enjoy the opportunity I have to write this blog and I appreciate the fact that people actually want to read it too. I thought as part of recognising this event we could look back at the top ten most popular posts of the last one hundred as voted by all of you in reading them. Links to the originals are in the titles. So here we go with number 10.


10. Sidewalking Cook Street Village

I know that some people thought I was a little harsh on Cook Street Village and the truth is that I think it is a great place, I just know that it is no longer the only game in town which at one time it was. Yet to the point of this post, it is popular enough to make it on to this list at number ten.


9. Why Victoria's Plan for the Ship Point Lots is Likely Doomed

This post is from way back in the summer of 2017. At that time the city was embarking on yet another visioning of what to do with the Ship Point parking lots. Here we are almost two years later and as was guessed at the time, nothing has changed. I even wrote a follow-up piece on this about the planning process and some of the actual documents that had come out of it but… nothing. Still I think that we may get there at some point. I do remain hopeful that something amazing will get built here.


8. Urban Oases of Victoria - Playfair Park

The first of two posts on Victoria’s parks that made it into the top ten posts. Playfair Park is loved by those that know about it but its quiet surroundings make it less known than many others. A visit to the rhododendrons when they are in bloom in the spring is a truly amazing Victoria experience.


7. San Juan Island - Our Closest Island Neighbour, Yet So Far Away

The only travel post that has made it into the top ten and I think that I know why. San Juan Island is something we all know and see all the time. Whenever we visit Willows Beach we are looking at San Juan, but few of us have visited it. When I went in the fall of 2017, it was my first time there. It is truly an amazing island and given that we have direct service there from Sidney, more people should be visiting!


6. Why is Harris Green Suddenly the Coolest Neighbourhood in Victoria?

The oldest post on this list going all the way back to the fall of 2016 when the construction in Harris Green was really getting going. In the last two years things haven’t really changed except that we are now starting to see the impact of those early buildings and the people that live in them.


5. Sidewalking Quadra Village - Victoria's Eclectic Urban Centre

It makes sense in many ways that my Quadra Village post is higher than the Cook Street Village post. I think part of it is that Quadra Village is maybe more of a mystery to everyone. It certainly is to me. While I think that there are a few things that could make Quadra Village even better, it is truly an eclectic place and definitely worth many a visit.


4. Turning View Street into the Epi-Centre of Downtown Victoria

This post has had a recent resurgence with some discussion on Twitter discussing the possibility of actually trialling this idea. Now I cannot lay claim to it, instead @Busdriverlife on Twitter first had the idea and I just ran with it. I think that given the small scale and impact it is something that could actually happen and is much more likely than the idea of a pedestrian zone along Government Street. Still, at this point they are both still just ideas.


3. Urban Oases of Victoria - Summit Park

My highest ranking non-food post is of one of my favourite places in the city, Summit Park. It is a little bit of a hard place to find but once you are in it, no matter what time of the year, you know that it is a special place. I am not sure if it is the views, the amazing garry oaks or the decaying old reservoir but, whatever it is the park is pure magic.


2. The Best Bakery in Victoria

So we are down to the second most popular post of all time and it may just be the cover photo of Crust is so enticing that people couldn’t help but read on. Those that know me are aware of my sweet tooth and in Victoria we have so many amazing places where we can find something to try at satiate it. If you haven’t yet, this list of bakeries is a great way to eat your way around downtown!


1. Finding the Best Ramen in Victoria

So my most popular post still, even almost two years after being post and still about three times more popular than the second most popular is this ramen tour. I am a huge ramen fan and have been since I was a kid, so I can understand why other people might feel the same way. I am starting to work on an update to this post as some of the locations here are no longer even around anymore. I am looking forward to it.

Of course, I have 90 other posts not on this list, anything on here surprise you? Which favourite post of yours isn’t here?